Them launch a rocket gone a outer space,

children a starve while the resources waste

Earth is the fullness and JAH love within,

Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Them launch a rocket gone a outerspace,

Earthquake and famine in a diverse place

Rumors of war they keep on stumbling

You know what all the implications mean 

Building disease and all them Nuclear Rain

Techwenology it gone too far again

Silicon chips the order of the day

Don’t forget is man who change the earth this way  

Them take another rocket gone a outer space,

children a starve and the resources waste

Used to live in love in JAH sweet garden

Eat the fruits of love with no pollution stain 

In a Jamaica, I said Rasta will rise

and then globally we’ll stop searching in skies

Holy Ethiopia stretch forth her hand,

Haile Sellasie I feeds the nation 

Signs of the Times (x 4) 

Them a tell bare lies, while the children die! 

1000 million dollars on them space campaign

Right next door broke out in war again

Seperation!! Eagle, Dragon and the Bear

Lion of Judah Bless my time right here 

In “69” a false moon landing

In 86 a Ray Gun shoot down Challenger plane

On a mission to mars to search for H2O

Several Oceans on earth JAH rivers overflow 

Jah blessings is my Rivers and they overflow

Hold a meditation on an African plain

Plant more trees and JAH shall send his Rain

Launch a rocket gone a outer space.