Waiting for You


Waiting for You   

I’m Waiting for you (Repeat)


Just come into the moonlight

Where the cool Breeze Blows and I Feel Alright

After the Rain, Come and wash away my pain

It’s a lonely road, to my mountain Hideaway and I Know

The stars will bring you home to me

Just past the bridge and the guango tree

And I know, I Waiting or you

I’m waiting for you ( Repeat)


Some say, you live so far must be lonely there

My memories keep me company

And I know that the fire is burning, in my heart

you’re on your journey

And I’m waiting for you

I’m, waiting for you (Repeat)


Not too far for you to reach me

I’ll be there when you come to greet you

There to take your hand, and lead you to my door

Sometimes I feel like a rolling stone

Trying to find my way back home

Can you hear the stream? Or is it just a dream?

I’m waiting for you (Repeat)


I will wait to day, and I will wait until tomorrow

Everyday my love increase. Never Cease

Till You hear that stream, just keep trodding on your journey.

Or is it just a dream?

I’m Waiting for you (repeat)