Plant a tree for Mama Earth, see how you can get involved


WE KNOW YOU PLANT TREES ANYWAY …. however when you tag them and place then in the RELEAF PROJECT it allows us to show sponsors there is tangible support and push for funding and assistance for various non-profits and their efforts

Help us tend the global forest. Plant a tree.

• In Nigeria 81% of its original forest cover is now permanently lost
• The tropical rainforests of Brazil are less by 90-95%.
• The forests of Central America are down by two-thirds lowlands, since 1950
• Countries like India, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh,
Myanmar, China, Sri Lanka, the Congo and Ghana have lost much more than 50% of their rainforest cover
Harvesting of forest cover has left Afghanistan with a little over 25% forests throughout the country

Planting a Tree? Try This…  
Any young tree that you’re going to plant will need all the help it can get. Start by lining the hole that’s been dug for the tree with baking potatoes. They will help provide moisture for the young plant. As the potatoes decompose, the tree will benefit from their nutrients.