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Charles Lazarus

Earth day: February 24

I picked up the guitar when I was about 19 without the slightest clue that all these years later it would be the source of my life’s direction and vehicle for my passion. Rootz Underground is the second proper band of friends I’ve been in with “Earthvibes” being the first, but only on a developmental level. I played in that band with Jeffrey for about two years until extraneous forces separated everyone. I went away to University in the interim where the focus on guitar was diminished in exchange for my fascination of electronic music and club culture; a passion I still foster today and service by keeping my ears close to what is happening in the world of underground house & minimal techno. I would go as far as saying that had I not been led down the musical path as an instrumentalist in Rootz I would probably have pursued a career as a club DJ and producer. The upside to having a passion for both though is that my ear brings out a different approach to guitar as well as what I want to achieve in the tones that I play with Rootz. Electronic music is synthetic but then its also the same elements found in Dub reggae which after all this time I find myself exploring more and more with the band.

As far as influences are concerned they are too many to mention as I draw inspiration from so many artists across a gamut of genres. It would be easier to simply say that what amazes me the most is melody as opposed to speed of playing or guitar tricks. In most cases the simplest line has more appeal than some complicated sequence and the artists that can translate that with a style of their own inspire me. That is what I try to achieve with my guitar playing at this stage. Tone and technique are all a matter of taste however my confidence comes from how that gels with the styles of my band mates, playing with them makes me sound better than perhaps I am when I’m alone and that makes the band my favourite space.

We all know how blessed we are to be a part of Rootz and that the synergy that makes this union feel like home is very rare and needs to be respected. In the early stages it felt like too much of a dream to actually be possible but with the strength of your band mates you keep on the course and just over eleven years later you feel humbled by how life led you to this point. For me the journey is spiritual and I’m learning more about myself as it unfolds in a way that no other path could have taught me. It feels like I’ve always been a part of this band and which is more like a family than anything else.
Quote: “Always thankful”