colin bio

Colin Young A.K.A. Babylon Headache, Colli Ras

Earth day: September 23

I’ve always loved reggae music, and dreamed of playing it, but those were only dreams, until I was urged, one night over drinks at Harry’s Bar, to take the step over the threshold into reality by a close friend.  Friends and schoolmates used to meet there every Tuesday for the live music and poetry event put on by Bruce and Dean (owners of Harry’s) which was produced and presented by Connie. Many musical (and other) linkages were made here. Stevie, Jeffrey and I started jamming together in 2000, that’s when we linked with Stevie and started Rootz.

I play the Bass guitar, sometimes percussion, sometimes backup vocals. Musically, I’m the baby of the band. I started playing music in 2000, when I got a bass guitar on extended loan through Fergi (our engineer).

Rootz Underground is our Musical Movement. Rootz is where we take all our experiences and dreams and hopes and fears, added to the music we were raised on, in the country where we live and love, and combine them into the songs we sing and play from our hearts.  Hopefully, straight to yours.

Quote: “Music is life, let’s live it right.”