Jeffrey Moss-Solomon A.K.A. I’ncient Monarchy 

Earth day: June 23

I grew up with Stevie G, Charles and Colin. Played with Charles in a band called Earthvibes, which disolved when members moved away. In 2000, when I came back to Jamaica from university in Trinidad, Stevie and I decided to start jamming together, we roped in Colin who wanted to learn the bass and threw him in the deep end as a three man unit with me playing drums, G singing and playing guitar and Colin on bass.   When Charles came back to Jamaica in 2001, it was logical that he joined to give us that wicked lead guitar sound.

My musical career started at birth as my father has been in bands his whole life and I used to go to rehearsals with him when I was small and sing and play piano at home. I never liked music lessons as a child though, and finished high school in Jamaica without being able to play anything but recorder.

When I went to Marlborough College in the UK, I realised that I could do music lessons at the school and be credited for it so -my goal was to learn to play Redemption Song on the guitar. I did. Then another song, and another song, thanks to my wicked ex-hippy teacher Ed.

Rootz Underground is original music from the heart that is not by driven financial gains, but is pure and true to what we believe in. Rootz underground is the combination of feeling and experiences of my best and truest friends and that is the bond that holds us together and makes our music stronger. Hope the world appreciates it.

Quotes: ” Its not about the band it is about the BOND”- Chakula

“When I go I want you to feel my music because I know I’ve got to leave behind something to remember me by” – Jeff