leon bio

Leon A. Campbell Jr. A.K.A. Son Son / Sticky

Earth day: November 6th

I’ve been interested in music since prep school. I began learning the piano and got bored and found a new interest in a different instrument, which were the drums. The drums have always fascinated me, I started by playing beats on my legs and my mother’s couch handles. Lessons for drums begun soon after and I learnt to play drums at church.

I was in 9th grade at Charlemont High where I was one of the founding members of the school band, lead by the music teacher Mr. Nigel Powell. After joining the band my love for music grew significantly.  We entered the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) music festival a year after the band was formed and won numerous gold medals and trophies, one of which was the Top/Best Performing School in the region and the parish. We played at the Prime Minister’s Gala and the JCDC Festival Queen competition, just to name a few.

After graduating, I felt that music would be my career. I started Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, where I did the Popular Music Studies (PMS) course for three years.  There, I was influenced by classical, jazz, Latin, reggae and other popular genres of music.

After finishing at Edna Manley School of Music, it was time to test all I’ve learnt. I started gigging at the Hilton Hotel in Kingston and other places that facilitated live music. Still that wasn’t enough, so I called Rootz Underground’s band leader (Jeff) having heard that they needed a drummer. After the first rehearsal, that was it! I became a member of the band and apart of the Rootz family in July of 2006.

Quotes: “Amidst daily survival in pursuit of our dreams, careers, fame, power, fun, excellence, money, the trials we contend with daily, all these blinding focal points of our life, we forget – we make it our least priority, the human factor. Loving self, loving others, simplicity of life and nurturing our faith is all that matters.”  James Padilla

“Music is never good or bad, it’s the lyrics that matters” – Leon