Paul Smith A.K.A. S.C.U.B.I.

Earth day: October 20th

I began my musical career playing the piano at the age of eight (8) in the parish of St. Mary in Jamaica. It was in my early teens when I formed my first reggae band. My playing caught the attention of many reggae artists. For the past ten years, I have toured with recording artists such as Buju Banton, Mystic Revealers and Luciano.

In 2000, I realized it was time to fully execute my creativity with the freedom to produce, write and play music. That is when I created the band ‘Dem Man Deh.’ My first song written for ‘Dem Man Deh’: She’s Mine, received several accolades and was recognized as one of the favourites in the top ten most popular song finals in Jamaica in 2000.  I have also written and produced songs for singers such as Chachi and Stephanie Lightfoot as well as A Ras She Want sung by Luciano on his Serious Times album (2004).

Event though I was not with Rootz from the start, my soul was.  I had been searching for what is good and clean and right for me, and thats when I found Rootz Underground.

Most of my close friends are also friends of the Rootz members and thats how I was introduced to the band, through a friend name Neil Ferguson who at the time was the sound engineer for the band.  He told me they needed a keyboard player and I should come check them out at rehearsals, so I went and right away the vibe clicked.

Stevie G sings a lot of his songs in the keys of A minor and D minor, which made me more relaxed and creative with my sound, thus causing an amazing combination of rhythmic undertones and poppy melodies that rush down to the Rootz Underground to bare fruits of never ending sweet, edgy earth music called Rootz Reggae!!!

Quote:  Save, Cure and Uplift Black Individuals. (SCUBI)

i.e. Save all peoples of the world, especially those who need it the most (the children in Africa who are dying more than 30,000 a day and that is only from one country).  We the black nation and all other nations of the world must do something before something do us!!!