Stevie Lightning


Stephen Nicholas Newland A.K.A. G, Stevie G

Earth day: August 28

I joined Rootz Underground from Creation (2000) when we started the band.

I play guitar (7 years) I’m still a Brushy One String, but I an I gettin’ better! (I’ll soon be a Brushy Two String!). I play Akete Drum (all African people can naturally play Drums). Im also the lead singer (depending on who’s side you’re on).  I can skank the keyboard 2.

I used to be Lead Singer and Rythym Guitar in Mabrak when I was based in DC (then known as the Prodigal).

Rootz Underground is our Band. The songs are my heart and soul expressed in music about Jah, Revolution, Love and Change. Our sound is the Rude Bwoy Revolution Music for Rude Boys and Rude Girls. Our music is to help you be strong in your opinion (as long as its righteous). HAVE A VIEW – HOLD TRUE!!!!

Quote: “Our music is like TOFU: More meaty than the vegetables!!!!!!”